The Skylark ENGINEERING System Automatic weather station is a compact, robust and easy to use system providing quality controlled data both in meteorological and hydrological applications. These are especially designed for unattended operations at remote sites requiring high reliability, low power consumption and extended back-up battery capacity. The MAWS301 uses a field proven and high accuracy data logger and advanced software. The MAWS301 enclosure has enough space for equipping it with the sensor and telemetry devices of your choice to provide the most economical and optimized turnkey solution for your every application.

  • Easy and economical  to install, maintain and upgrade
  • Field-proven reliability and accuracy in harsh environments
  • Low power consumption for extended remote operations
  • Wide selection of sensors and telemetry options
  • Extensive calculation and data logging capacity
  • Open and modular design allows high level of customization
  • Low Total-Life-Cycle Cost


Portable Weather Station

Skylark ENGINEERING Automatic Weather Station is a portable AWS for temporary installations, Tactical Meteorological Observation System for demanding tactical meteorological applications. Its lightweight aluminum tripod and easy-to-use connectors make it fast to set up. Each leg is adjustable for use on uneven terrain. This system is field-proven in a wide range of applications:

  • Meteorological research
  • Civil defense
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Emergency response
  • Fire weather
  • Waste management

The basic suite of sensors typically measures wind, pressure, temperature, relative humidity, and precipitation. In addition, measurements can be taken of e.g. multi-level soil temperature, soil moisture, global and net solar radiation, water level, and temperature. Generic and configurable 16 bit A/D conversion is included in case you want to interface your own sensors. In addition to the standard meteorological and statistical calculations, the extended calculation library also includes evapotranspiration, heat index, forest fire index, wind chill and many others.

With 5 basic sensors, a solar panel and a battery weight just 15 kg. It can be transported in two lightweight carry cases made of cellular polypropylene (EPP), a lightweight but very rugged material that provides excellent protection. The cases are equipped with handles, hinges, wheels and latches for padlocks.

Fixed Site Observation System

Skylark ENGINEERING Fixed site observation system is a cost-effective stand-alone weather observation and reporting system for real time aviation applications for uncategorized airports, helipads, small unmanned landing strips, and test/training ranges. It offers high performance in a very compact package, integrated upon a steady pole mast:


  • All significant aviation weather parameters measured by one compact unit installed on a 10 meter pole mast
  • Accurate measurements with built-in data validation
  • Large variety of different sensors and telemetry options
  • Suitable for the harshest arctic and coastal locations
  • Ease of use with advanced display products
  • Selected by the US Air Force for their OS21 Fixed Based System Program

The Fixed site observation system measures all the meteorological parameters needed in aviation including

  • Wind speed and direction (Gust and Squall)
  • Atmospheric pressure (QFF, QFE, QNH, pressure tendency)
  • Air temperature and humidity (dew point)
  • Precipitation accumulation
  • Cloud height and coverage
  • Visibility
  • Precipitation type and lightning

Skylark ENGINEERING Fixed site observation system is capable of reporting the prevailing weather conditions to pilots and other users by number of different media. Spoken weather reports are available through a voice module using a VHF radio transceiver or a public switch telephone line. The data reports can be also sent via hardwire modem to a standard laptop PC with software installed to display numerical and graphical data, and to automatically code METAR and SPECI aviation weather reports.

A weather-resistant pocket PC with graphical display software is available as an easy-to-use local display and maintenance terminal.


Maritime Observation System

  • ​Designed especially for critical maritime weather applications
  • High-quality anti-corrosive design and EMC characteristics
  • High data availability
  • Built in test procedures and data validation
  • Accurate true wind calculation even from multiple sensors
  • Meets NMEA 0183 and IEC 1162-1 requirements for data communication
  • Complies with CAP 437 requirements



Meteorological Observation System

Skylark ENGINEERING Meteorological Observation System is a field-deployable, compact weather station for various field operations. Offering broad sensor capability, the portable system can be easily and rapidly deployed. Moreover, it is a Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) product and incorporates efficient Built-In-Test (BIT) diagnostics.

Skylark ENGINEERING MOS available in two versions: the Basic System measures meteorological parameters, and the Enhanced System incorporates aviation support. In the basic configuration, the meteorological observation System comprises a sensor set of a wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, air temperature, relative humidity and precipitation sensor. The enhancement configuration offers full aviation support, interfacing with intelligent sensors, such as ceilometers, present weather sensor and lightning strike detector

Meteorological Observation System offers maximum portability and ease of use. The mechanical parts are of lightweight but robust anodized aluminum and durable plastic. All cables are fitted with quick-release connectors, which makes installation and unpacking quick and effortless even under difficult conditions. The system is powered by mains or an integrated solar panel. The lightweight carrying cases are rugged and provide excellent cushioning during transport. Additionally, they are equipped with handles, hinges and latches for which padlocks can be used.  Pre-installation technical services, maintenance, repair, training, computer programming, technical consultation and a wide variety of other customer services are also available.