Skylark ENGINEERING Lightning sensor. It detects low frequency (LF) electromagnetic signals generated by lightning in order to provide extremely accurate geolocation capability with industry leading measurement of lightning strength and lightning type classification. Skylark lighting deduction is the most cost-effective network-based lightning detection solution for customers demanding high accuracy, reliability, ease of installation, and ease of maintenance.

Skylark ENGINEERING Lightning sensor provides real-time data that is recommended for operations focused on tracking cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning threats to ground-based and airborne assets including applications in:

  • Aviation
  • Defense
  • Forestry
  • Meteorology/Climatology
  • Power Utilities
  • Telecommunications

Lightning Location Reports

The Observatory provides lightning location information service to the public through various channels. Lightning locations are displayed in graphical form on the Observatory’s website and updated every five minutes.

The webpage also provides a number of geographical references including positions of major landmarks, swimming pools and peaks, so as to enable the public to clearly identify the location of lightning, and to appreciate how the lightning development may affect their outdoor activities. Users can also choose to overlay radar images on the lightning location map, such that the adverse weather situation associated with the distribution and movement of lightning within a rain area can be better understood.

Thunderstorm Warning System

Skylark ENGINEERING Thunderstorm Warning System uses real-time lightning information from Skylark scientifically validated lightning detection networks in combination with on-site electric field mills to monitor approaching thunderstorms and those that may develop overhead.

Operations and safety managers rely on Skylark ENGINEERING Thunderstorm Warning System to support safety goals, improve operational efficiency, and eliminate the subjective nature of ceasing activities due to lightning in the area of concern. TWS is designed for working environments that are most vulnerable to the hazards of lightning and need up-to-the second 24/7 lightning tracking, and automated lightning warnings including:

  • Airports
  • Explosives testing
  • Mining and blasting operations
  • Munitions depots
  • Refineries
  • Sporting facilities
  • Outdoor events

Features and Benefits

  • Diagnostic replay to analyze past events and improve operational efficiencies
  • Lightning density display mode
  • Email notification of warnings and all clears
  • Time-controlled email notification and relay settings
  • Auto-screen image capture to distribute display information on an Intranet
  • Alarm file viewer for a visual timeline of warnings
  • Supports Skylark secondary data format for use of total lightning information
  • Track cloud-to ground and/or cloud data approaching and leaving the area of concern
  • Measure electrostatic field levels for reliable monitoring of lightning development overhead
  • High-resolution GIS mapping from MapInfo.
  • Create multiple warning areas of any size or shape
  • Automatically triggers alarms and all-clears throughout facility

Field Mills
Up to 7 on-site Skylark ENGINEERING Electric Field Mills can be added to monitor overhead lightning potential. Skylark ENGINEERING Electric Field Mills measure the actual electrostatic charge in the local atmosphere to show when conditions are ideal for lightning to occur.
Remote Alarm Displays
Skylark ENGINEERING Remote Alarm Displays (RADS) display the warning levels in red, amber, and green LED arrays and sound 90 decibel audio alarms throughout a facility.