Skylark RNWS is an automatic weather station for supervising/controlling climatic conditions of  road networks. It collects data via GSM and/or GPRS and distributes it over the intranet/Internet so that road network staff can overview it online.

Skylark ROAD’s exceptional performances come under exclusive Micro Amps. The field equipment is fully compliant with WMO recommendations for measurement quality.


This meteorological observation system for road networks helps operators analyze risks and make decisions for initiating snow removal and salting operations, for signaling potential dangers, and for setting up detours.

        • Local alerts (ice, flooding, wind)
        • Winter serviceability management
        • Weather risk analysis


Interactive access

24/7 viewing for multiple users over the intranet/Internet

Alarms via SMS messages or e-mail, for multiple recipients and using multiple criteria

Flexible and versatile

Autonomous station powered by solar panel

GSM communications reach even the most remote locations

Easy and fast installation

20 sensor capacities provides versatility without programming (plug and play connections)


Extremely reliable and stable sensors

Resistant to all types of difficult weather conditions

Reinforced protection against lightning

Tamper-resistant built-in miniature solar panel

Very low total maintenance costs

No systematic technical maintenance

Visual inspection and cleaning by non-specialized personnel

Remote maintenance eliminates unnecessary field work

Exceptional use of spare parts inventory