Skylark ENGINEERING WIND is a secured and autonomous system for continuous measurement and registration of the wind speed and direction. It ensures the data radio transmission in real time to observer’s workstation for visualization.

Applications: Skylark ENGINEERING integrated wind observation system Skylark ENGINEERING WIND is particularly adapted to the following applications:  Runway instrument as a part of Skylark AWOS (airport weather observing system) Integration in a LLWAS system (Low Level Winds hear Alert System) Separate  back up wind system for airport ( on several position along the  runway  several spots)


        • Harbour entrance safety
        • Protection of building
        • Industrial  safety
        • Protection of the environment



Outstanding sensors and transmission   reliability and stability

Secured long range radio transmissions

Possible transmission redundancy with FSK modem

Flexibility for deployment

Self-powered system by solar generator

No cable dependent implementation: ISM radio communication

Long range communication: up to 10 000 m in line of sight

Light folding tubular mast easy to install


Resistance to all harsh weather conditions

Reinforced protection against lightning strikes

Tamper-resistant light built-in miniature solar panel

Very low maintenance cost 

No systematic technical maintenance required

Scarce use of spare parts inventory

Wireless system (no existing transmission cables: high reduction of maintenance costs)